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Stellar Sovereigns development is near to its completion and is ready to be wishlisted on steam.

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Stellar Sovereigns on Steam



Stellar Sovereigns is an Indie 4X space strategy game with turn based empire management and real time strategic combat set in a customizable 3D star cluster.

Build an interstellar empire by colonizing and conquering star systems, develop your colonies establish trade routes and construct fleets from a range of retrofittable capital & escort class vessels.

You will explore solar systems, mine their mineral rich asteroid fields, establish colonies on discovered worlds, build your defences and connect them to civilization via trade routes.

The colonies of the empire will grow under your guidance from mere settlements into bustling mega cities as you finance their development and ensure security to gain their approval.

You will fight your enemies in epic real time tactical battles with a diverse fleet of capital and escort class vessels each fitted to your design with unique technologies and weapons.

You will need your space forces, orbital and ground defences to protect your domain from rival empires and menaces forces like pirate, sectoid and machine ai fleets that roam the stars.

You can build shipyards and stations in your systems, to mine and gain research bonuses as well as static defences like orbital weapon platforms to protect them.

You can establish trade routes for domestic and foreign commerce of produced goods as well as for the transfer of resources between colonies.

You can research multiple technologies simultaneously from 22 tech trees, one for each of Stellar Sovereign's game features and of its weapon types.

You can use diplomatic opportunities that are available based of the relation indicated on the relationship Scala between two empires.

Wishlist and follow on steam and other platforms as the game getting is ready for its V1.0 release:

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