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Post news RSS Getting closer to open public BETA release!

Polishing the weapon upgrade system and getting closer to public BETA release that will be available for download here! So stay tuned and follow me here, on twitter @MEITdev, Instagram MEITdev or my YouTube Channel!

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Hello there lovely people!

I would like to present to you my latest, exciting news - the approach of open BETA release of my new game Make It Home...

This game has been in closed alpha for about three weeks now and a group of 4 testers have been helping me to make this game more fun, enjoyable and overall good experience for the player - you!

For now, enjoy the videos and screenshots that display the main mechanics of the game, and stay updated via social media:

  • You can see development sessions and a other videos at my channel!
  • To stay updated also follow me on twitter @MEITdev and Instagram on MEITdev.

Have a lovely and productive day/night!

Thank you for your time.

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