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Some insights into supplies, managing and upgrading your gas station.

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Managing your Gas Station can on occasion be exhausting. Sometimes there is just so much to do, that you’ll need help with these things. However, when you run a business, this is to be expected.

In the previous DevLog we shared and explained Employees. But of course, that is not all you can expect. There are a lot more things you need to pay attention to and take care of, because rebuilding your Gas Station is just as important as managing it. This time we will dig deeper into the management features the game has to offer.


Your best friend and the most useful item will be your computer located inside your Gas Station. Maybe it is not connected to the internet or the fastest piece of hardware out there, but it can still do miracles. Through this device you will be able to see and manage all the elements of your Gas Station. For example, maintaining fuel supplies, which means that you will be able to see how much fuel you have, how much you need to order and then do so.

Resupplying is only one area your computer will be crucial. Purchasing tools, ordering a garbage truck or insights into stats also happen on the computer. You will also be able to purchase decorations here and extend the area of your Gas Station with additional parking spaces or even purchase a bus station that will help you attract even more customers.


As we briefly mentioned above, you will need to look out for your fuel supply, after all, you are running a Gas Station! People will come and leave and some of them will purchase fuel - and if you don’t have enough, well… that is never good! On your PC you can see how much fuel you have and how much you should buy. But keep in mind that it will take some time until the fuel truck arrives, so plan accordingly and ahead of time to make sure that you don’t end up without any fuel. Also, bear in mind that the prices can change and one day the price per gallon can be cheaper than the other day, or the other way around!


Since you are not only running a Gas Station, but among other things also a Shop, product resupply is important. People will come wanting to purchase some refreshments or snacks for their journey. You will need to equip your Gas Station with shelves, freezers and stands for such products and then order these products to fill the shelves. Here you face a similar situation as with fuel: once you order, it will take some time until the supplies arrive. Additionally, once the delivery arrives, you’ll need to go to your Warehouse and unpack all the products. And the snacks or refreshments mentioned are just an example. There are a lot of other products you can sell in your Shop, not to mention all sorts of parts for the Workshop.

Time management is crucial here, as you cannot leave the Gas Station with customers waiting, so plan your chores accordingly, or hire someone who can give you a hand with these tasks. Nonetheless, don’t forget to pay attention as you don’t want someone to wander into your Warehouse who isn’t supposed to be there. Keep the door locked!


As you could see in Early Days, the free prologue to the game, you can decorate your Gas Station as you please. There is plenty to choose from and you can of course purchase anything, as long as you have money for it. Decorate the front of your Gas Station and its surroundings, or decorate the inside of the Gas Station. Decorations not only make your Gas Station look good, they are also useful to attract more customers.
The amount of decorations in the full game will increase significantly compared to what you might have seen in the prologue so there is a lot to look forward to in this area.


Hopefully, you didn’t think that you will be stuck inside the same looking Gas Station forever. After you earn some money, you can expand your business by adding additional facilities and services. Starting with smaller things like Toilets to larger ones like a Workshop to repair cars or a Warehouse! Each one of these can be further upgraded and thus offer more benefits. You can also upgrade the Gas Station itself which will allow for more space for shelves, customers, additional fuel pumps outside and more room for decorations. There are multiple levels of upgrades you can explore and we cannot wait until you see them on your own!


To wrap up this DevLog, we have a small reminder. The Computer has emails with tips and tutorials on how some of the game mechanics work which can prove very helpful to some players. Apart from that, it offers some insight to the story of the game as well. If you are struggling with your business and don’t have enough funds for decorations, upgrades or resources, you can take a loan on your PC too, which can significantly help you out of this issue. There are also plenty of other things we didn’t mention in this DevLog when it comes to the management portion of the game, but we want you to discover those things on your own.

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