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block building features in game, why its required, how will it be used in the game story/lore.

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Gameplay Footage ft Base building!!

This has been a long time i put an update, but I'm finally happy to upload a new gameplay video here. The gameplay shows very small base building features, our writer is still putting decent names to the items, adding new items and trying to put some decent values, so that first pre alpha gameplay will have some value, it will not be a balanced game at this stage but somewhat playable with close enough values.

wanted to make a big gameplay like 40 minutes or so with commentary, but made it smaller for now, if get enough traction in views and comments then surely make a gameplay videos involving all features one by one that will also work like tutorial.

Required community contribution!!

we are a small team with almost no funding now to put in graphics, music etc, we are programmers so using our programming talent to make the game. working last whole year most of the time on the game so basically not doing other projects that pay. we are looking for some testers, graphic designers, musicians that can contribute to the project just to be a part of it, payments cannot be given. however your name will be added to the contributers list in the game credits screen.

Funding and sharing!!

Soon we are to go on funding on indiegogo and on steam, we are preparing documents for them. scope of game is still not clear to players. so working on documents on a daily basis to come up with a easy understanding of scope of the game. when its done will update summary page here with new updated scope. with lots of images to understand :). if you can follow us on twitter ( @coderbanna ) and on facebook Facebook.com it wil help us a lot.


Please comment, good or bad, suggestions everything welcomed, we want the game to be fun, your comments helps us understand the current status of game, keep our morale up.

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