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It's December, so we'd live to give you a few things to look at.

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We've got a few updates for you this week. Continuing on from this weeks blog, we've got the final Allied Turret. This base defence will pummel any soviet tank or infantry within range with a high explosive shell. Click the image below to see more images or check our moddb gallery.

Also shown mentioned during the blog we've got our new Soviet Tesla Coil all ready to go ingame, it's the strongest base defence in Red Alert and can zap any Allied unit within range. 10,00 volts later and all remains is a pile of ashes or the scoch mark of a former tank. Click the image below to read more about it's strengths and weaknesses.

Hot on the heels of PC Zone and Game Informer, the newest issue of PC Gamer carries an article about A Path Beyond. We're this month's Mod Of The Month. This article's been the most accurate one yet, but unfortunately it's a bit misleading; Beta added six NEW maps to the roster, it doesn't have six maps TOTAL. Maybe they'll list the correction next month.

In other mod related news we've just re-uploaded our latest trailer to moddb, you'll be able to watch it in your brower soon enough in better quality then our youtube version. Just head over to the 'Videos' section of our moddb profile to see it.

Beta Patch 2 is almost upon us, it's going through it's final phase of testing to squish any last minute bugs that popup. The changelist is almost as long as the Beta changelist. So you'll have lots of new things to play with and a more balanced game to enjoy. You can expect that before the year is out.


On a closing note we'd like to ask people to nominate us for moddb.com Mod of The Year Awards 2007, we'd greatly appreciate it.



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