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SPBF will have a large variety of fun and quirky game modes!

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Super Powered Battle Friends is a game about fun. Our roadmap includes a large variety of game modes, since we find that the platform fighter genre can lend itself well to many different modes, but most games lack anything new. They constantly go for Team Battle and Free for All.

Some of the modes we plan to include are:

Capture the Flag

King of the Hill


And many more!

Modes that both casual players and competitive players can enjoy when they need a break from all the 1v1s they've been doing.

One of the bigger modes planned is Power Trials

Power Trials will be a larger scaled mode with players dropped into a map, where they can find attribute power ups to increase things loke their jump height, move speed, hit power etc.

After a time limit is up, players will be thrown into a smaller mode (FFA, CTF, etc) with their upgraded stats and compete to find a winner.

It takes inspirations from modes in other games like Smash Run and City Trial.

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