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A small game in pre-alpha, dev team is looking for idéas and support. Team is also recruiting more members, that are willing to help. 3D modellers, programmers, graphic designers, voiceactors.

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This is a pre-alpha game that is being developed at the time being. The project started 5 weeks ago and the game has come really far. The game is a survival game in the cold and harsh climate of northen scandinavia. The goal is to survive, the game has a lot of features like, random item spawn, inventory system, body heat, hunger, wellness, thirst, cooking, weathers and much more. We are also trying to imploment more features atm like, hunting, fishing, psycho meter, clothes, random spawning structures, and also badges. The badges are suppose to work like achivements, that will be displayed ingame aswell.


The game needs some time but also more people working on it. There are currently three people working on it, the main problem is the UI, none of the members are able to create a good looking UI, thats our main problem, but we also need 3D modellers, and voiceactors.

Thanks for reading, Best regards Flux

Contact us here: Flux-hacks.my-free.website

Screenshots from the game:






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