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A quick summary of what's been happening since the first public pre-alpha tests and a glimpse into what to expect in the near future.

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Hello everyone, a quick update on what's up in Galaxy at War er, galaxy;)

We're currently knee-deep in work on three quite large things:

  • Inclusion of defensive play style (Battle Stations!). Initial feedback yielded that some people really like a more formal defensive play style. We're enabling that with the possibility to construct Battle Stations, that will engage any enemy fleets automatically. Battle Stations are immense, powerful weapons and countermeasures platforms. Going against them is no small feat, but so is the effort required to deploy them.
  • Land battles and siege systems revamp. We're unifying the battle mechanics. Space and land battles will be brought in line so that players can see participating armies the way they see overview of a space battle. This will enable additional tactics such as interruption of an enemy invasion, damaging civillian resistance, weighting how much forces need to be committed to succeed and generally include more trickery and fun with the system capture mechanic. Sieges will also see an overhaul that brings them in line with general combat mechanic and will be able to impact ongoing land battles.
  • Cleanup of mechanics. Through prototyping lots of stuff is really spaghetti-like both on design and code layers, we're fixing that so it's easier to maintain.

When we're done with that we'll release a new build and organise a small online testing session for anyone who wants to join in - we'll set a time and date when we (the devs) will be online waiting for a challenge from anyone in the mood for a space-brawl:) Hopefully we'll get to talk directly to you guys and gals, get feedback on what you think of the mechanics. Stay tuned for news on when and where!

The next step after that is AI (we want to have all systems in order to start this task). Hopefully within a week or two (or three…) we'll have a simple computer-controlled opponent. Everyone will be able to try the game then without having to set up matches.

As always, remember you can download the current build from IndieDB here! Remember to meet up with a friend - this game requires 2 players to start!;)


this game is looking better and better keep up the good work.

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qoobah Author

Thanks for kind words, we're giving our best! :)

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