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Good evening comrades, Here is an abridged message from the game's lead developer, Cobra!, updating you on development: "Alright, I have some good(ish) news, and some bad news, I'll start with the good news: The good news is that I have found what was causing that bug I was having last time, and have reported it. The bad news is that a new driver I installed is causing problems... This is Cobra!, over and out..." Read the full article by clicking the title link. END TRANSMISSION

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Good evening comrades,

I have here a personal message from the game's lead developer/designer, Cobra!, updating you on development, he feels he should tell you the news himself:

"Alright, I have some good(ish) news, and some bad news, I'll start with the good news:

I'm getting somewhere with the animation problem with Blender we mentioned last time, I have found out exactly what caused the bug, and I was able to re-create it on a new file, so I have the bug reported on Blender's 'bug tracker', so hopefully, they will pick up on it, and fix it on the next Blender release!

Now for the bad news... I have recently updated my graphics driver, and I've had nothing but problems since, it keeps crashing on me, it always happens when I work on the game on Unity, the driver crash causes unity to crash, which, of course, makes me lose everything I had done in that session, I have tried reinstalling it, doing a clean install, and I had even tried rolling back to a driver that worked before, but no joy, the new driver seems to have done permanent damage! Of course, I'm trying my best to sort it out, I've tried to contact Nvidia about the problem, I'm not having much luck so far, though.

It's not looking good, we'd be lucky if we can even finish it, but we aren't giving up just yet! We might have to wait a good while before any of youse get to play the game, or get any positive updates on it for that matter...

This is Cobra!, over and out..."


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