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I thought I'd let you all know that I do plan on developing this game further!

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Firstly, thanks for all your feedback, videos & kind words! It's been awesome to see peoples reactions & responses to Env, and people interpretations of it :) It's great to know that the work that went into it payed off in the form of a game that people found interesting.

On that note, I thought I'd let you all know that I do plan on developing this game further!

I've been reading peoples comments, watching your videos, and taking the criticism to heart, and in the last week have done some furious analysis & planning, and can safely say I have solutions for problems & plans for awesome new content.

In addition to several minor things to improve (like slidey controls & small pickup areas) by far the two biggest concerns were...

Most people seem to be getting along with the game just fine, but enough people have had framerate issues that I know it's something that needs attention.

The interesting part of this problem is that the performance of this game is entirely based on the CPU, which means solutions have to be far more creative than simply turning off Anti-Aliasing etc
There are a great many solutions to these issues, some of which suck a lot, and some of which suck less, and all of which have some impact on the core of what makes this game interesting.

I plan on opting for Options, plenty of customization options so that, in the unfortunate event that someone gets issues, they can resolve them without taking anything away from the game.

Or, the lack thereof. Personally, I like the abstract style (a lot), but I also think there's some really awesome things that can done within that style, but not only using primitive shapes.
So, there will be graphics, and they will be awesome :)

Aside from that, much additional awesome by way of destruction, destructive things, things to be destroyed & other forms of love & cuddles are planned, and hopefully I will have something newish to show off soonish

Have a good one!

HenryT77 - - 501 comments

Och, make all city destroyed by ray of light from sky... It could be so lovely apocalyptical...

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SamChester Author
SamChester - - 167 comments

Oh, I'm sure that'll feature in there somehow :)

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Lord_Farquaad - - 14 comments

Shaders coming? :D

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SamChester Author
SamChester - - 167 comments

There are always shaders! More of them, most likely, and different ones, for sure

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