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This is the release trailer for Fursan al-Aqsa Mobile, the most BASED game on Playstore!

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The most BASED game of all times now comes to Android to piss off Zionists and let them Seethe and Cry! Get ready to smash Zionist Thugs on the Go! Fursan al-Aqsa Mobile is a world-class Free to Play MOBILE-first experience, down to its core and it comes with full Google Play Integration (Player Stats, Achievements and so on):

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Get it now for FREE on Google Play: Play.google.com

Please, download, play and leave a sincere user review and rating on Playstore!

PS: For the best experience and to increase the BASED factor it is recommended to play this game inside Buses and Airplanes.

I know no one likes Ads in games, but be sure that whenever you watch or click on the Ads I integrated inside Fursan al-Aqsa Mobile, you will be helping me TOO MUCH, in sha Allah!

I plan to release new missions periodically, and for each mission I will add some achievements, to make the game more enjoyable while players wait for the next mission. I am also thinking on doing the same for Fursan al-Aqsa Remake on Steam, release new missions one by one instead of waiting 10 months to release all missions together.

This is a similar approach to Early Access, but for new players who buy the game, they will have access to the full campaign of the Classic Version, and they will be able to play the Remake, periodically, mission by mission, and this Remake will be a free update.

A nice adition is that finally I was able to integrate Steam Online Subsystem with UE4. Now Fursan al-Aqsa Remake is fully integrated with Steam and I also added some cool achievements on the Remake Demo (only for those who own the game on Steam), so now you will have a lot of fun unlocking them.

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Added to this, I made some small changes (listening to your feedback) which improved a lot the gameplay experience:

* Return to main screen if no rank earned;
* Increased bullets speed to 27000 (it was 9.000 unreal units);
* Increased the time for reset Super Headshots to 20s;
* Reduced the Super Headshots Cutscenes duration;
* Increased the health regeneration to 5HP by second (instead of 1 HP) because with faster the bullets the game became a bit harder;

If you have my game on your Steam Account, you just need to update the game for being able to unlock these achievements. If not, so please, buy my game to support me.

Cheers and until next time!

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