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Watch the trailer for Fursan al-Aqsa Classic Update: Definitive Edition. This update fixes many of the original game's shortcomings and flaws by adding some more modern gameplay features like escape time for security cameras, checkpoints, mission objectives indicators, radar and minimap to make the game more enjoayable for a modern audience, and not only hardcore old school players. In addition players now can choose among different playable characters.

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The most BASED game of all times now is adapted for a modern audience of gamers with new features like on-screen indicators, detection delay for security cameras, increased player HP, checkpoints, and more.

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After the release of my game on Steam, I was able to build a very nice and friendly relationship with Fursan al-Aqsa players, and by talking with them, listening to their feedbacks and suggestions, I realized that not all gamers enjoy hardcore shooters like me, rather, the majority of gamers of today are already habituated with more modern gameplay features which we, old gamers from the 90's, never experienced on our time as gamers (I am still a gamer today but I don't have too much free time to play games). And indeed, some of these "modern" features today are standard on the majority of games.

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But before making these changes on my game Fursan al-Aqsa, I decided to play some recent games and shooters, like Ion Fury and others, and I realized that indeed, making things easier for the player is much better than trying to punish him. One example, I myself was able to enjoy Ion Fury just because the game allows the player to save the game at any time and continue from this last save. This is perfect for me because I hardly have much free time to play, and whenever I find a break to play games, I do not want to stay in example, playing 2 hours the same mission / level, because it is very hard to beat. I think it is much better have 1 hour of fun playing a game than having 5 hours of frustration playing this same game.

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With that in mind I decided to make some changes (which you can see on the trailer above) on the actual version of my game which is on Steam (this is besides Fursan al-Aqsa Remake, which will be a new game given as a free update for those who own Fursan al-Aqsa on Steam), also because many players bought the game, played Mission 2, didn't get past Mission 2 (they got frustrated with the security cameras), then they give up the game and refund it, not enjoying the game at all.

I decided to call this last update as Fursan al-Aqsa Classic: Definitive Edition because I will not touch on this version anymore, now my focus will be on Fursan al-Aqsa Remake, however, Fursan al-Aqsa Classic will be available to play even after the release of Fursan al-Aqsa Remake (I will update the game launcher to allow players to choose which version to launch).

I hope that now with this last update this game will be enjoyable by a more modern audience, specially this new generation of gamers more habituated to games like Call of Duty and other modern franchises.

Assalamu Alaykum (may the peace be with you).

IMPORTANT: MINI MAP DOES NOT WORK IF YOU ENABLE MULTI SAMPLE ANTI ALIASING ON THE GAME'S OPTIONS MENU. This is a bug on UDK Engine itself, but you can set anti aliasing settings directly on Nvidia Control Panel instead of using this option in-game.

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