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What a roller coaster the past few months have been! From a prototype, to a Kickstarter, hiring our first staff member and Steam Greenlight at 99%.

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What is Light?

Light is a 2D top-down game where you'll see yourself sneaking around restless guards. Hack terminals to modify the environment to your advantage and get closer to your target.

Opponents can be stunned or killed and dragged around, unhidden bodies and blood trails attract guard reinforcements; sneak past guards and cameras or attempt to take out everyone without being caught.

Make one false move in Light and the alarm will be raised, then all you'll be left with is three-shots-to-freedom.

Light is currently in a prototyping stage and is being actively developed by Just a Pixel for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Our first team member

As Light has now received funding from an anonymous benefactor, we have been able to hire our first team member Gavin Harrison to create our music and sound effects for the game. This has already added a layer of depth to the game that wouldn't have been possible without external help.

Greenlight, we're at 99%

For the last 71 days we've been running a Greenlight campaign to try and get Light onto Steam. It seems to be paying off with over 8,979 'Yes' votes and being 99% of the way to the top 100.

However, we need your help to push us over the 99% and into the top 100, if you want to see Light on Steam...

Our early prototypes

If you are interested in seeing what Light was like, feel free to head over to the Download section of our IndieDB page to grab a very early prototype version of the game. Let us know your thoughts!

Thank you for reading,
The Just a Pixel team

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