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A long awaited update is now live on Steam and Play Store.

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Finally an update is live. During the coronavirus crisis I wasn't able to work too much on the game especially the last couple of weeks due to some family reasons. But now I am back in full Steam( heheh).

You can see the video of the latest devlog here:

Don't forget to buy the game as it helps me out a lot in developing the game, both financially and psychologically. Here is the steam link: Steam

Or if you want in text here are the changelogs for the latest update:
-New beta branch with almost daily updates. This is obviously a bleeding-edge release channel. If you are interested do contact me to inform you how to get into the beta branch.

-Added a slight animation for the trees
-Interactables have now an animation to give them more visual importance
-Improved battle screen
-Added vfx to every ability
-Added a clearer turn indicator to show whose turn it is
-Improvements on the main map ui

-Due to the user feedback by scimuse I've implemented:
-Ability icon scales up when you gain Battle Points connected with an ability
-The grid elements are now bigger to be easier to "read"
-Additionally I've added a cooldown indicator to indicate when an ability is under cooldown

-minimap drawing is now significantly faster
-other smaller improvements

Bug Fixes
-Fixed a bug where a tutorial button would become unresponsive
-Fixed an error where you weren't able to equip an ability
-Fixed a bug where faction characters on map would break a saved game
-Fixed a bug where a faction leader would die thus freezing the game
-Fixed a bug where abilities weren't upgrade-able

I would love to hear your feedback.

For joining the open beta on Android here is a link:

Google Play

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