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Terrain and structures destruction, material resistance, multiple impact.

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Hi! I added a fully destructible environment!

Terrain Destruction

The voxels have levels of hardness to differentiate the resistances of materials such as dirt, wood, stone, etc. A voxel by receiving damage, loses strength depending on the damage taken until finally is destroyed.

Here you can see an example of this, with the resistance level highlighted in red:

Voxel resistence

The same object can have different levels of resistance corresponding to the different materials:

Layered Destruction

The terrain is completely destructible except in certain critical areas, also may receive multiple impacts:

Rain destruction

Besides of the destruction of the terrain, there is destruction of structures. If certain amount of the structure is destroyed, the structure fall:

Estruct Destruction

This video is an example of destruction combined of terrain and structure:

Finally you should watch this video, is a stress test launching many projectiles at once, in slow motion!

This environment destruction will affect the gameplay in different ways, in future news I will detail more about this.

Thanks for reading this article! If you like it, share it with your friends and your pets... specially with your pets... o.o

VitaminK - - 588 comments


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palarcondev Author
palarcondev - - 14 comments

Thank you! =)

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Jack3571 - - 11 comments

Great work! I wish you luck in the future)

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palarcondev Author
palarcondev - - 14 comments

Thank you! I really appreciate it!

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TKAzA - - 3,154 comments

Sweet destruction!

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palarcondev Author
palarcondev - - 14 comments

Thank you! Never hurts some destruction... o.o

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Guest - - 699,141 comments

Well, it's ok. Yet another voxel demo.

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palarcondev Author
palarcondev - - 14 comments

But it's ok! weeeee :D

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