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The Full Game will be released on Steam the 27th of September! Here's a rundown of the changes made to the of the full game (vs the free demo available here):

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I've finally made enough progress to choose a definitive release date,
The Full Game will be released on Steam the 27th of September!


I'm working currently on the 15 th levels, but everything else is done and tested :)

The full Game will include:

Gameplay / Content additions

  • 8 more levels (15 in total, 8 different biomes)
  • Featuring a unique soundtrack for each level.
  • A New type of gate, "slow time" (showcased at the beginning of this posts video :)
  • 9 Steam achievements

Visuals / Quality of life changes

  • A new pickup Elevons animation (the control surfaces of the airplane).
  • A way better camera handling when crashing the airplane, no more camera spinning like crazy.
  • Improved crash detection, this fixed the bug where you would crash on a moving obstacle and the game would restart.
  • Added a "quick restart" button for the gamepad and the mouse, enabling the player to skip the death animation.
  • Now the game pauses if you are using a controller and it is unplugged/turned off in game.
  • Now the game pause if you open the steam overlay.
  • Added an aircraft flyby wind effect to all foliages in the game.
  • Added separate X and Y sensitivities options for the mouse and gamepad (user request).
  • Added a "Invert X axis checkbox", in addition to the "Invert Y axis" checkbox already present (user request).


  • Reworked the grass to optimize performance, all foliage-enabled levels should gain 5 to 10% fps.


  • Now the mouse won't lose focus on the buttons if you click in the background in the menus
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