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Have a bad memory? That's alright, we got you covered!

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Welcome to Friday Update #29!

Lately we've had a lot of new members joining us, so we're doing a Recap of previous updates!

Kakashi Media Kakashi Media

To any of our old members from the start, firstly thanks for sticking around with us through all these weeks, and secondly a lot of this will be old news to you (quite literally) but still worth a second look!

The Update that started it all! Shortly after announcing our existence we showed a feature we have been working on since our start, Facial Animations, which has since been updated.

Our second update introduced an important aspect of our updates. Meet the Devs. Of course who could forget Lord Killmore's animation reel or those truly amazing render shots from Super Vegetto?

The third update was the first update where we gave you an idea of how the mod would be played. Showcasing a few ingame screenshots and a neat render of our Kawamiri. Which has since been updated.

The fourth update showcased Chuunin Finals, one of our maps we suspect will be the most played!

In our fifth update we showed a teaser of our weather system, which has also since seen a follow-up. We also revealed our Sakura model, and for any astute viewer she has since received an overhaul in both mesh and skin.

Update six showed one of our most exciting features, water walking!

Update Seven showcased yet another map sure to be a crowd favourite, Preliminary!

The eighth update was a look into the weapons of NNK.

Who could forget update nine when we revealed our high res textures and Konoha?

Update ten gave you a look at our stylish HUD.

That's all i'm going to recap for now, i'll continue with the next ten updates next week. But feel free to look into them yourself!

Special thanks to forum user GevallenEngel for suggesting this friday update! Make sure you guys keep suggesting ideas here!

See you next Friday!

- The NNK team


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