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Dear friends! I am writing to you with news: one bad and several good ones.

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Dear friends!

I am writing to you with news: one bad and several good ones. Let's start, as usual, with the bad one.

From this moment, and for at least two years, the development of Silent Escape is frozen. The reasons are trivial, simple and absolutely familiar to all of you: lack of personal time, burnout, work and family.

This project still means a lot to many people. Thanks to this, I got a job in the gaming industry, met cool and talented guys, and gained a lot of experience. I also learned how to gather people around me and successfully continue to apply this skill, but reality makes its own adjustments.

And now it's time for the good news:

- The SE team is changing the vector of its activities from creating mods towards the commercial gaming industry;

- I find it important to show you an alternative to the frozen project to wait for. It's called Swelter, a shooter mod for Half-Life 2, which is being developed by the team that gave us the puzzling Snowdrop Escape, story-related to Silent Escape and Mind Escape. You can currently follow the development on ModDB: Moddb.com

And remember, freezing doesn't mean canceling!

DarkShift - - 185 comments

Too bad for this 9 year long old remake/reboot.

But I am really looking for Swelter, Snowdrop was a damn good experience

And congrats for your professional life, as always this is only what we can wish for any skilled modder here. What can be better than being paid for working on what you love the most.

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SweetRamona - - 5,114 comments

It's good to know that this isn't completely dead.

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Guest - - 689,317 comments

Сомневаюсь,что через 2 года о проекте кто-то вспомнит.. Уж лучше пкредать кому-нибудь наработки или релизнуть что уже есть

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Musie_(MyCbEH) - - 231 comments

Очень наивно полагать, что если главный разработчик (когда само существование разработки - его заслуга) не справляется,
то в случае передачи проекта кому-то на стороне, эта "сторона" вообще в чём-то сможет разобраться.

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Aptekarr - - 125 comments

Плюсую. С17ЕП1 лежит в открытом доступе и был полезен только как код-база для ММода, а как мод сам по себе особо никому не нужен, хотя проект в рамках своего времени крайне интересный был.

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