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0.0.33 Release including new items, mode, avatar, improved hit detection & more!

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0.0.33 Update.

Added dart gun, dart warfare mode and dart warrior avatar. The mode is a respawing PvP mode with mobs & tools for high mobility.

Updated hit detection! Shots are now synced up a lot better, and a bug with incorrect damage being applied has been fixed. This applies to both player and zombie projectiles.

Added a lighter item, this lets you set fire to things with a lot more control and precision than the flame thrower, though it sacrifices range and damage, less of a weapon and more of a tool.

Added a whip item, does low damage but throws enemies around when hit. You can also gain height when used, useful for extending jump distances.

Added a whoopee cushion premium item. Costs 40 credits, place down for maximum comedy.

Added in-game options menu and controller support for the pause menu. You can also now change avatar during a game with the pause menu dropdown. Note that some options changed in-game may not apply until you restart/return to the main menu.

Smoothed zombie aiming, and fixed it looking up and down on the Y-axis.

Optimised android port, the frame rate should now be a lot higher, and power consumption a lot lower!

Small changes/bug fixes:

  • Fixed triggers not working, peacekeeper now only spawns if the host enters the trigger.
  • Fixed trophy page aspect ratio.
  • Changed bedroom easter egg sprite.
  • Fixed shoulder pads not rendering.
  • Added Easter message in April.
  • Fixed game not running in background.
  • Switched from gamma to linear rendering.
  • Fixed some first install bugs.
  • Fixed GameJolt scores causing out of range error bug.
  • Increased maximum camera sensitivity.


Released a small patch fixing the following:

  • Resolution dropdown not applying.
  • Custom inventory toggle not saving.
  • Verticle inventory toggle not saving.
  • Sheep movement glitching when damaged.
  • Cursor flickering.
  • Fixed darts despawning.
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