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Better server create menu, changes to several maps, more achievements & more.

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0.0.17 Release:​​

​Server create menu layout has been much improved, & now shows a preview picture of the current selected map. Other main menu pages have also had adjustments​ to the layout.

Added more terrain to Zephyr Hills & an air balloon that rotates around the map.


Hidden fireworks button added to Island Royale.

Player names now only display if you're looking at them & if you're in range.

​Improved grounded detection, making jumping feel a lot more forgiving on thin platforms & edges.

​Tutorial map terrain improved with more detail & the invisible walls have been removed.

​Teleport command added: /tp (playername) (playername), much like many other commands, only the host can use this.

Added 3 new achievements for customizing your character 10 times, setting the fireworks off on Island Royale & riding the hot airballoon on Zephyr Hills. Other achievements have had their values changed, for example, the Rampage achievement now requires 500 mob kills instead of 100.

Added new killcards:


Small changes/bug fixes:

  • Fixed tripod camera not rendering.
  • Fixed character not rendering in tripod camera pictures if in first person.
  • Flatland size doubled.
  • Changed fence texture on paint arena.
  • Optimized game assets to reduce file size.
  • Build file button has animation on main menu.
  • Removed some old killcards.
  • Fixed player name rotation.
  • Replaced build sound effect.
  • Spooky forest lighting changed.
  • Added more tips to the loading screen.
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