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Wrapping up some texture art, mesh placement and optimization for the iOS off-shoot of the treehouse project: Flutter Bombs.

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Some current Flutter Bombs progress in the video below. Working on some optimization issues for mobile as usual, and balancing some of the internal gameplay stuff like enemy health vs weapon power etc.

Still a few more textures to paint at least for version 1.0.0 and the main arena meshes are being re-worked to help with depth perception. Speaking of, depth perception is pretty tough in a top-down flier. I've been learning how to design the level that gives a clear indication of elevation height so the player can make good tactical decisions when flying around. The artificial intelligence is pretty basic at the moment, but will become much more aggressive as this mobile off-shoot of the treehouse project evolves.

Once this game has been submitted, reviewed and posted in the app store, development will continue on the PC version with much more expansive landscapes to explore and story lines to follow. While the mobile game is a top-down shooter, the PC game implements physics based third person controls. VR compatibility also included!

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