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Post news RSS Flip of a Coin Game Progress Update - 23/05/16

A list of all the things I've worked on in the game since previous update.

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*Please not that unless the download available for the game is dated after the date of posting this article, these options won't currently be in the available build!

Designed and added 1 new map area, still to script events.

Added Mouse Functionality for everything except movement. (Thanks to Jet for the script)

Added In-Game Volume Control with separate settings for Music, Sound etc. (Thanks to Ru for this script and Elemental Crisis for the English translation)

Fixed any leftover spelling mistakes/grammatical errors.

Added credits for above additions to opening scene.

Looked into modifying aspect ratio or scaling resolution but as of yet can't find any way to do so with RPGMaker VXAce (If anyone knows how to do this please do let me know!)

And that's about it for today. Back to work on Tuesday so there may not be any major updates on the game here until Fri/Sat.

I will upload V1.01 of the Beta Demo to include these changes tonight (someone really hated not having mouse functionality >.<)(I won't include new map area, since it isn't scripted yet)

EDIT: Also added WASD control (Arrow key control still functions if you prefer it)

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