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This article will be about the future of fling, and other things regarding The absence of Illusive Interactive.

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Hello, I know Illusive Interactive has been absent for the the past couple of months, and We sincerely Apologies for it. I (The C.E.O.) began to improve my musical abilities and left the project behind. This doesn't mean Fling won't have a final release. It means Fling has been postponed, But due to a sudden Epiphany I realized music would require way to much maintenance. With Game Development I can just make a fresh new game and i can relax after the release.

Enough of IRL stuff, time for Fling.

Flings Upcoming Features

  1. New Grapple Mechanics.
  2. New Pause Menu.
  3. New Main Menu.
  4. Original Game Sound Track. (Can be bought separately after Final Release)
  5. Single player with dynamic story.

Features that will not be featured. (As of now, so take the following with a grain of salt)

  1. Co-Op
  2. Level Editor

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