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Vaccine will arrive in 5 Days... Will stay healthy until then?

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In this game you play as a girl who is working at a hospital "Corona Lab" Level. You are going to take tests all day on different people who is showing up with Covid19... But can YOU stay healthy?

The vaccine will be ready in 5 days...


I know some people who is working at hospitals and I know they have been struggling alot with work during this pandemic so I thought "Why not make a game about this?"... :D Yea I get weird ideas sometimes, and I also have been wanting to make a FNAF clone at some point! :)


This game will get patched if people find and report buggs. I might also make another version with the 6th night and some more content if this game gets over 200 Downloads in Total.


This game project has actually been pretty fun to make and I have learned alot by making it. It took me around 7 days tryharding so hopefully people are going to find it good and enjoyable! :D


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More will come, Peace out! <3


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