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This is the first development update for Blinding Dark, our upcoming FPS tactical horror game.

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Tactical horror whaaat?

Maybe it's a crazy idea, but I'm going with it. Frankly I'm not looking for a Slenderman / zoombie apocalypse rip-off.
I enjoy horror games with substance, like Clive Barker's: Undying or Silenthill.

As you will see in the following video, I am working on the core mechanics first, which are based a lot on physics and triggers.

Background story?
You play a guy hit by amnesia (like in all great horror games). You wake-up in an abandoned manor, no way out, you keep advancing through it. Step by step things get creepier, stranger and it gets obvious that you are there for a reason.

With the goal of revealing your past and recover your memory, you will access past and future experiences by using the Scry power each time you encounter a mirror.

Features? If any?
Well, except the occasional jump-scares and the story, there will be monsters to kill, capture or harvest and weapons to collect.
Each monster will have it's particular strengths and weaknesses (most of the time you will have to use the correct weapon/item against that particular enemy)

Monsters are represented by demons, risen corpses, ghosts (whatever spawns of hell you can usually expect).
The monster types will have a certain physical and ethereal consistency. What the hell it means?!
For example, a risen corpse, will have a high physical consistency so it will be highly vulnerable against weapons/items that deal physical damage, while it will be close to immune against weapons based on ethereal damage.
On the other side, a ghost has a high ethereal consistency so the ethereal based weapons/items are the way to go.

There will also be encounters when the enemy will be a demonic manifestation which even though it can hurt you, you wont be able to hurt it back. For that particular case, you will use an Egyptian Trap (part machine/part magic, it can capture and imprison certain manifestations).

Also, another mechanic will make sure that there is a price to pay if the player loses a lot of health in a short time (well besides the risk of dying). Taking lots of damage and healing yourself by harvesting the enemies will allow at some point for an evil copy of you to appear and chase you in order to kill you and take your place. All that pain and suffering used for your own well being must go somewhere, right?

There will also be a boss to defeat at the end of each Act.

Act? Is this a Diablo rip-off?
No, it's not. I'm planning of launching 6 Acts, each taking place in a certain location, have it's own monsters,boss and items but continuing the story from one act to the other.

As I said, this first act will be taking place in an abandoned manor and you will have to imprison a Prince of Hell as final boss fight.
Seriously, this really sounds as a Diablo rip-off!

Here is the first video demonstrating some of the weapons and enemies.
Graphics and sounds are currently on their way!

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Looks amazing :) Keep it up!

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