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Introduction of both Waxed and HARD KILL following more information regarding the plot, the objective of building the game, and job offerings.

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Greetings folks. My name's Robert A. Comber, a manager at Waxed Entertainment. Our vision is to create inspiring and creative content for the enjoyment of anyone. For our first big release, we are building a game code-named 'HARD KILL': A Space Combat Simulator intended to be like no other when it comes to realism. The brains behind the start of this project was one of our friends and a member of Waxed, Brian James.

Using real science and accuracy based on current design and experiments, we have set out to create an exhilarating and precise detail of how combat in space could work in the next century. We want to distance ourselves from the traditional science fiction by portraying real facts: Newtonian Physics, for example, will change the way weapon trajectory and other aspects work in the vacuum. In space, all space vessels could eventually hit terminal velocity due to no air resistance so speed is a subjective question of 'how fast' to reach it.

The factions of Earth, finally realizing the critical status of its global economy, employ major Corporations to secure their share of territory in space -- Creating a lawless new frontier of profit, adventure, and space warfare.

If you've looked around, we're looking for new members to join the HARDKILL project specifically looking for modelers with experience in texturing and UV work. Unity 3D coders and developers as well as those familiar with C+, C++, and C# are welcomed with open arms. We are even looking for extra help from those in the art department for GUI and concept art to assist in building our world to life. EDIT: After a massive amount of emails, I will clarify: This project is currently non-profit and nobody is being paid to work on it. All we're asking for is dedication and interest.

Take a look at Waxed's IndieDB Page( Indiedb.com ) to look at our job openings!

For those of you who are interested in supporting or want to stick around for more info, please spread the word.

With regards,
Robert A. Comber, Waxed Entertainment

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