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Please try out my new game, Gravity Chain. It is a match 3 puzzle game that gives you complete control by allowing you to destroy whatever shape you want and select the gravitational direction. The object of the game is to clear the grid before time runs out. Earn higher points with bigger chains, which adds more time to the timer. Changing gravity doesn't reset your chain, but be careful as all shapes will move in that direction until they hit a hard stop.

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Please download my new match 3 puzzle game, Gravity Chain, using the following link:



-176-200 possible moves with every action so you never get stuck.

-Click the directional arrows to change gravity and cause all shapes to move until they hit a hard stop.

-Click on any shape to destroy it to allow another shape to enter the grid, or click on an empty grid space to just add a shape.

-Make multiple moves at once. Want to play faster? Drop several shapes into the grid before the first one lands.

-Levels are randomly generated, and consist of the following objects:

-Walls: Fixed walls that stop shapes and are not effected by gravity.

-Crates: Acts like walls, but move with gravity.

-Colored Glass Tiles: Destroy a shape of the corresponding color above the glass tile to break it and earn a "select shape" bonus.

-Shape preview shows what shape will enter next and where.

-Create a match 4 or greater to also earn "select shape" bonuses.

-Each level gets slightly harder as the starting time gets reduced.

-Scores captured in a high score board.

Please provide feedback in the comments, good or bad. Help me balance the game by adjusting things like starting time, the scoring system, bonuses earned, and max obstacles created. I am also excited to hear new elements to add to the random level generation.

I think you will find it doesn't play like a typical match 3 puzzle game. I hope you enjoy it!

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