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A 3D puzzle game about faith, freedom, and manipulating the environment.

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You wake in an abandoned warehouse. A voice on the radio tells you that to earn freedom, you must pass of series of tests. Your captor provides you with the key to your escape, the Gravisphere, a tool that allows you to manipulate gravity and rearrange your environment. Another voice talks to you through vents, a fellow prisoner who seems committed to cooperation and mutual success. But appearances often deceive. Who will you trust?


  • Walk, run, jump, crawl, and climb your way through an abandoned warehouse prison.
  • Use the Gravisphere to lift, stack, throw, push, and pull objects.
  • Break stuff and cause explosions.
  • Learn about your captor and fellow prisoner. Choose a side or stay on your own. Help, hurt, or ignore.
  • Be held responsible for your actions.


Harness the power of gravity to change your surroundings.

jan26 01

Get through before the crate burns away.

jan26 04

Use the environment to manipulate objects.

jan26 03

Why would your jailer give you the key to freedom?


Use the Gravisphere to overcome otherwise overwhelming obstacles.


Trapped like a rat in a maze.

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