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Post news RSS Feud Update #7: Completion of Kabaddi game mode and start of final testing

The article discusses the completion of Kabaddi mode and its map. It also discusses what the final steps will be now that development is being wrapped up.

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Salam! I hope everyone's doing well.

Around two weeks have gone by since the last update. The reasons for such a big gap are twofold. First off, I started my first job recently. Because of that, free time's been scarce during weekdays. What little time I do have is spent either resting or on game dev. Second, implementing Kabaddi mode was tougher than I expected. Since this game mode is somewhat unconventional, I faced quite a lot of problems during implementation. Fortunately though, I was able to push through and it's done now. There are a few minor problems related to Bot AI which I'll try to iron out during the testing but all in all, it's up and running now.

Kabaddi is a South Asian wrestling sport played by two teams occupying opposite halves of a field. Each team takes turns sending a raider into the other half, who has to tag an enemy and then return successfully. Returning successfully rewards the raider's team a point. If not, the opposite team gets a point.

In this mode, each round, a raider is chosen from alternating teams to raid the enemy's half or base. All players except the raider will be confined to their base and will have their weapons disabled. Though, the raider too will have to leave his base first before being able to shoot. The raider will try to frag as many enemies as possible, but has to frag at least one to be able to return without losing the round. As soon as First Blood occurs, it's weapons free for the rest of the players and they can now leave their bases. The raider has to fall back to the return point in his base and his team has to help him do that. The opposing team has to frag the raider before that happens. Returning successfully awards the raider's team all the frags as points. Otherwise, the opposing team receives a point.

The game mode itself is up and running now both in Instant Action and in Multiplayer. However, there are a few tiny lingering issues with the AI in Instant Action. Sometimes, the bot raiders won't charge the opposite teams, while in other cases, they'll fall back without fragging anyone causing their team to lose the round. If i'm able to find some free time, I'll try and remove them. Multiplayer, on the other hand, is working well.

I've also completed a map made specifically for this mode. Some screenshots follow:

Kabaddi field 1

Red base - the red cone is the Return Point for the raider

Kabaddi field 3

Now that this is done, the main development phase where I was adding new code is finished. I'll be moving on to the testing now and do it as much as it's humanly possible for a single guy. Once that's done and I'm satisfied with the results, I'll upload the final package of the game for you guys to play!

Thanks for reading! Feedback is appreciated.

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