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Post news RSS Feud Update #3: Progress on Game Modes, Options Menu and other small changes

The article covers the progress that has taken place regarding Game Modes and the Options Menu, as well as some small changes under the hood.

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Salam, everyone! I hope you're doing well.

This time around I'll be discussing the ground I've covered in implementing game modes and the Options menu that I talked about in the last article, as well as a number of small changes that have taken place over the past week.

After the last update, I decided to first work on a game mode that I thought wouldn't be too complex, but, at the same time, would give me a good grasp of the workflow involved for implementing game modes in UDK. To that end, I started work on "Hide and Seek" mode. First off, the name of the mode has been changed from "Hide and Seek" to "Hide and Slay" since it seems more fitting considering the theme of the game. "Hide and Slay" is a mode where players on the blue team have the ability to become invisible, which is only disengaged by shooting or taking damage. Using that, they'll have to hide. The red team, which can use jet boots, has to seek them out and frag them before round time runs out. If time runs out, blue wins the round.

Work on this mode has been more or less completed. The round system has been implemented. Instant Action is fully functional with the bots playing according to the rules of the mode. Implementation for Multiplayer has also been completed and a few games were successfully played with 2-3 clients, though rigorous testing in a LAN environment still needs to be carried out. The image below shows the mode being listed in the Game Modes selection menu, ready to go.

Next mode to be implemented will be either Feud or Ghost Hunt.

After finishing "Hide and Slay", I worked on developing a prototype Options menu today. It seems to have come along much better than I originally expected. Here's a screenshot:

In this version, the Graphics Quality option has only two choices, Low and High. Currently, I do not plan on implementing a section for Keyboard binds since I'll need to take care of a large list of actions and that'll take up quite some time. I might come back and do it later on if I see the demand for it in the user feedback but for now, I intend on wrapping this up with the current set of options and moving on to the implementation of the remaining game modes.

Apart from that, I've also made small changes and improvements here and there listed as follows:
> Sprinting/Speed Boost capability while Running/Flying has been finalized
> Invisible enemies no longer appear on the minimap. This was absolutely necessary from "Hide and Slay" mode's point of view.
> RestartGame console command added that allows the server to restart the match if required
> A bunch of bugs were found and solved in Epic's code
> Hoverboard removed from Vehicle Capture the Flag mode

As always, looking forward to feedback, especially on the Options menu. Thanks for reading!

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Looks really awesome

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Sohair Author
Sohair - - 478 comments

Thank you! :)

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