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Post news RSS February Update: Movement, Checkpoints, Dungeon reworks

We've been making huge strides in Heart Forth, Alicia's development in the last couple weeks, and we wanted to give you a few highlights: improved controls and movement, checkpoint implementation, and reworked dungeons!

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I think this is the first time I've posted back-to-back in 7 years! Anyway, I wanted to give you a heads up on what I've been doing these last few weeks. I've been reshaping and in some cases redesigning some game mechanics, partly because I felt the game needed it, and partly because the tester feedback has been a pleasant eye-opener for some things.

Exploring the depths of Bottomrock in Auster Island...

Some cool changes

One of the cooler new things is the feel of Alicia's horizontal movement. The controls feel miles more tight now: if you hold down the d-pad, she moves; if you don't, she stops right away. This allows her to jump around and evade attacks with much more precision, and it makes a world of difference in many situations. She feels a lot like Alucard's movement in SOTN!

Another addition is a checkpoint system, which triggers during important events, letting you get back there if you die, as opposed to going back to the last save-station. I'm using it sparingly, but if you think that'll make the game too easy, I'm considering doing a newgame+ mode that turns this off, among some other changes. Might be fun!

Finding new uses for the Seeing Stone!

Other than that, I extended the first dungeon by adding a couple of puzzles spread across 4 rooms (shown above!). I also redesigned the fire spell (which now feels like playing pinball with grenades!) and buffed the ice spell with an area-of-effect attack. I also added an upgraded charged strike to strengthen Alicia's whip, which grows as she levels up.

Some of this cool stuff will be showcased on video soon (for the first time in years!). There's some exciting things happening in the next few months, so look forward to that!

KITATUS - - 61 comments

Such a beautiful project! Great work!

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andreasng - - 77 comments

wow as an animator I'd just say hats off. Well done. Looks great and I especially love the nice cape/hood followthrough.

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AlonsoMartin Author
AlonsoMartin - - 13 comments

Thank you! I'm happy to know you guys like it.

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