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Post news RSS February Development Update: Model Editor, Trello, DeltaDNA, Youtube

Not that much happened in January, but here it is! We worked on the Model Editor, updated our Trello, signed with DeltaDNA and started a YouTube channel.

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Model Editor

I have been working mainly this month on the entity editor. The entity editor is tedious work and I hope to be done with it soon so I can work on the Room/Area editor. Here are some features

  1. Model Settings


  1. Scale: Sets default scale of the image
  2. Rows: Allows the texture to contain other textures. Setting the rows sets how many textures are in the texture file. Rows are multiplied by itself to find the total amount of textures in an image
  3. Reflection: only usable with the normal map, sets how reflective the model is
  4. Shine Damper: only usable with the normal map, sets how the shine is viewed from different angles

  1. Stash: Like a chest, stashes are how you allow user to collect items in game


  1. Item Choosers: All of the drop down menus allow you to choose from a list of items
  2. Chance: The chance that the items appear is in the text boxes

  1. Sound


  1. Buffer: The sound file
  2. Offset: The offsets from the novel
  3. Volume: The volume of the sound

  1. Bottom Toolbar


  1. Preview Settings: Settings that only appear in the preview
    1. Rotation: The model rotates so you can see all sides
  2. Using: Sets if the stash, sound and particle settings are in use


  1. Trello.com
  2. This board contains list of what needs to be done



  1. We have teamed up with DeltaDNA in order to provide the best possible experience
  2. DeltaDNA provides analytics and AB tests to better work with the community


  1. YouTube
  2. We have no videos currently, but please subscribe to be notified of future videos!
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