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Vasparun is an enhanced-mobility platformer with jetpacks, wallrunning and guns. Currently, most of the core mechanics have been implemented, but things like powerups or lasers that have to be avoided will still be added to the game.

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What is Vasparun?

Vasparun is an enhanced-mobility platformer with jetpacks, wallrunning and guns. The focus of the game is on fast movement through a map in order to set new highscores.

Current features:

  • Fully-fledged movement system with a wallrunning ability and jetpack mechanics

  • Pistol to shoot walls in the way

  • Modern science fiction look

  • Various different maps

This video shows the current progress:

Planned features:

  • Powerups e.g. increased movement speed, a longer-lasting jetpack ability etc.

  • Lasers that have to be avoided

  • Moving platforms

  • Warp points: Similar mechanics to the hookshot in The Legend of Zelda, but implemented in a way that does not stop the "movement flow"

  • More maps

  • Highscore system with online integration

Is there a playable demo?

Not yet. However, I plan to release an official beta version of the game once it is in that state. This will be a closed beta so that I can directly communicate with the beta testers and fix the bugs they may encounter as well as use the ideas they have.
I will also provide a free demo containing the first couple of levels once the game is finished.

vlcsnap 2016 03 12 16h04m33s521

What is the motivation behind Vasparun?

I thoroughly enjoy games with advanced movement mechanics such as Titanfall or Call of Duty: Black Ops III. However, I felt that there should be a game, in which these movement system do not only add to the shooter experience but be the core part of the game. That is why I started to work on Vasparun. Of course, it also has shooter elements but they enhance the movement experience and it is not the other way around.

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