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The biggest changes to Robocraft since the Maximum Loadout expansion are now live!

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Fast and Formidable Out Now!

This week we've launched the Fast and Formidable expansion; our biggest expansion for Robocraft since Maximum Loadout. The Fast and Formidable expansion features a number of changes to the core gameplay which will improve matchmaking and add more freedom when building awesome robots. You can read more about the update in our recent Dev Jam.

The full patch notes are below:


  • All players receive 1x Protonium crate when levelling up
  • Two new starter bots in garage bays two and three (for new players only)
  • New Weapon Energy meter in Edit mode


  • Changes to player matchmaking – players will now be matchmade regardless of CPU
  • Available Robot CPU increased to 2,000
  • Players have all 2,000 CPU available to them regardless of player level
  • Player maximum level increased from 150 to 10,000
  • Re-branded the Power Booster to Weapon Energy Module (click here for additional info)
  • Weapon Energy Module cooldown set to 2 minutes
  • EMP trigger countdown reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds
  • EMP stun duration increased from 5 seconds to 7.5 seconds
  • Reduced the connection timeout duration in the waiting for battle lobby
  • 10% reduction to all Nano heal rates
  • Changed the rules which restrict players from recycling the starter robots. Previously cubes used on the three starter robots were “protected from recycling”. Now only one, the smallest starter robot will be protected from recycling
  • Increase to CPU cost and health for all Tank Tracks and Invader and Assault Rotors Blades
  • Decrease Carry Mass per CPU on all Rotor Blades
  • Rotors, Wings and Rudders now have their max speed affected by carrying capacity
  • Tank Tracks, Mech Legs and Sprinter Legs now have limited carrying capacity (it was unlimited before)
  • Wheels have had their carrying capacity increased. The numbers displayed on their thumbnails was incorrect; as a result they were decreased slightly while the actual carrying capacity was increased considerably for all the wheels
  • The surface friction of all cubes has been increased a small amount, this slows ‘Rocket Sleds’ slightly whilst allowing Airplanes to take off etc. Ski’s are the lowest friction items in the game now
  • The friction/grip of wheels has been increased by 20%
  • Thrusters have had their max speed increased by around 30%
  • Thruster maximum speed is affected by the total mass of the robot they are put on. The maximum robot mass before speed loss data shown on thruster thumbnail. If a robot’s mass is higher than the thumbnail data shown, the maximum speed will be lower. Essentially, the heavier the robot, the slower it will be


Old Data – New Data


  • Fixed a bug that caused a player to turn invisible to everyone when another player used the Blink Module when they died
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to use the Blink Module after you died; this led to the player who killed you becoming invisible and invincible to you
  • Fixed an issue with the Vanguard’s End mini-map being blurry on low resolution/quality settings
  • Fixed a bug which stopped the energy bar from dynamically updating when placing a lot of blocks in quick succession
  • Fixed a bug that made one of the new starter robots bounce when entering test mode for the first time

[UPDATE 1]: Since the Fast and Formidable expansion went live, players have reported to us that certain UI elements associated with levels are being shown incorrectly in-game. This issue has since been solved, if this problem is currently affecting you, please restart your Robocraft client.

[UPDATE 2]: Also we’ve made some changes to the combat balance based on player feedback. To see these changes, please follow this link - Robocraftgame.com

Also if anyone has any feedback about these changes. Please leave feedback in the comments.

Thanks for reading all!

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