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The video gives some insight into exploration in the game.

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Hi everyone, I've narrated a video which gives you as a potential player an idea of how you will explore in VoD.

The game and content is far from final, this is just a demonstration of using your starmap, jump drive, FTL drive and tactical view with assistance from your crew to explore.

There will be much to discover, you won't know what's waiting for you at your next jump destination. You won't know what will happen, what or who you'll come across when you jump through anomalies.

The entire sector as right now is huge and has many planets, and regions to explore, populated with 11 alien races whom you will meet and interact with as you explore further out. The starmap and how this information is displayed is to be re-done and presented in a much cleaner way as it is all place holder images/art right now. Well the entire interface is really... :)

In some cases, you might not even know where you are!

Our Indiegogo campaign is here: Igg.me

We've reached 10% of our goal of 5k.

Would love your support if you can in anyway, spread the word, a friend in the media or social push :)
- Justin
Project Creator

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