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You can now enjoy our second update for our multiplayer testing phase! We've been on a mission to hunt down any stability or game breaking issues.

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Greetings Pioneers!

Our experimental branch has just been updated with some major fixes, and the all important in game text chat system ;) If all goes smoothly we should be closing the experimental branch to the public soon and moving the multiplayer into our main branch.

When this happens we'll have several dedicated servers up and running for pioneers to join.

Big thanks to everyone so far who has opted in early to test the multiplayer in its infancy. We can't wait to switch over to focusing on releasing further content as we go forward.

If you missed out and would like to opt in to the experimental multiplayer you can follow our guide in our previous post here

  • Very early In game text chat system - you must be close to a player to talk to them. Press ‘T’ to type.

  • Enemy A.I will now attack built structures correctly.

  • Fixed mineral rock destruction visuals.
  • Fixed several server and client crashes, including loading from a server save file.
  • Fixed late joiner issues with becoming out of sync with the server time.
  • Fixed not being able to build walls around the Auto Turret.
  • Fixed Enemies being unable to attack Primitives blocking their path. This results in much fewer enemies getting stuck unable to reach the Eden Kit or any turrets.
  • Fixed multiple AI spawning and attacking bugs which should result in more AI at night and fewer that spawn without attacking.
  • Ikas will no longer become non-interactive on death nor will they fall through the world when dying from smash.
  • Fixed multiplayer issue when a player was disconnected or left a server and tried to rejoin they got quickly disconnected again.
  • Fixed multiplayer issue when a player entered an incorrect password when attempting to join a server the next time you entered a password it would do nothing.
  • Fixed multiplayer issue when a player was disconnected or left a server and then the next time they tried to join a server it would do nothing.
  • Fixed issue with some foliage assets going invisible at certain angles.
  • Fixed an issue where Ikas would be invisible in multiplayer but would still attack the player.
  • Fixed an issue where some missile turrets wouldn’t close back up after killing an enemy.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ika’s Unstable Pull effect would trigger extensively often when hit with lasers.
  • Fixed UI bug with Construction UI min and max buttons
  • Fixed UI bug with deleting an item from your inventory while in single player where the item remained at 0 until quitting the Menu
  • Fixed issue where old Eden Kits would not show up on the deployment screen when a server is loaded from a save slot
  • Fixed issue with destructible rocks showing as solid on a client but partially destroyed on the server
  • Fixed issue where exploding Splintermites cannot be blasted away
  • Fixed issue with Splintermites occasionally facing the wrong direction when attacking structures
  • Fixed issue with Turrets not targeting Cirrus Spores
  • Fixed issue with structures going invisible on some clients when attempting to sell them and then cancelling the sell
  • Fixed issue not being able to build in certain locations near in-vertical landscape sections (mountains and cliffs)
  • Fixed issue with certain minerals being unusable
  • Fixed issue with Vogel following the player around
  • Fixed Missile Turrets not retracting correctly after firing
  • Fixed issue with Gauss Gun remaining out on a players tool in certain situations
  • Fixed issue with HUD appearing over the intro sequence when starting a new game in single player

Our latest know issues have been updated also - You can see them here[trello.com]

Let us know if you find anything that we haven't included.

See you in the fray!

- Team Flix

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