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This video devlog features our new start menu prototype as well as our Weapon HUD prototype. We describe in depth the code and concepts involved in creating these.

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Pendulum has been very collaborative lately. We have been adding in content at a rapid rate and seeing so much progress it has many of us devs up losing sleep! Many have given us positive feedback lately and that just serves to fuel the progress. There is something special about heading off with a group of people into an uncertain future, but with unlimited promise!

The new features this article will describe are:

Main Menu Screen!
Our new main menu has concepts of a syringe and some early animation to give you the "Pendulum" feel. The syringe pushes together and compresses the words, while fading out into the next scene and the gameplay. See behind the logo, the new background which is tile that is commonly used in the Environment art so as to give a cohesive feel to the menu/game.

Weapon HUD!
Our weapon hud concept is described in depth here and contains a cross-section of a revolver which may rotate in either direction. A syringe which is a Unity Filled Image. And a radial health bar. We describe the 360 degree rotation using Euler angles and the snapping into various positions. This should serve as a sneak peak and a bit of a tutorial.
As always - thank you so much for supporting our project. Please post us links to your work because we love to see what our friends our working on. Check back again soon.

2016 is the year of PENDULUM!

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