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Our game "Escape the Witch" is a Stealth 3D game inspired in Hansel & Gretel fairy tale, the objetive is to save your sister who has been kidnapped by the Witch.

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to our first article about "Escape the Witch"!

Hansel and Gretel were walking through the forest when something appeared in front of them, it was a witch with candy in her hands and a house made of sweets. She quickly seduced Gretel and kidnapped her to the house. Now it's your time, Hansel, to save your sister and escape the Witch!

This is a Stealth 3D game, inspired in a European fairy tale, our objective is to make known this fairy tale to other parts of the world, since all fairy tales are popular on europe, we want to make them known more around the world.

Little Nightmares II screenshot.Image 1 - Little Nightmares II screenshot.

Hansel and Gretel Illustration

Image 2 - Hansel & Gretel Illustration.

Our main inspiration, after Hansel & Gretel, was Little Nightmares, this is exactly the ambient we want for our game too. A dark ambient where the player feels out of place.

The reason we choose Hansel & Gretel it's because we found interesting twisting a little the story and making it a stealth game where the player has to hide from the witch while completing various objectives to save the sister.

The game takes place inside the house of the Witch, in 3 divisions, the player enters through the cave where he sees various cages and spooky things, probably vestiges of previous seduced kids, the player needs to complete some objectives to find the tools to save his sister while hiding from the witch.

The witch will be always patrolling the division where the player is located, if she sees the player, he needs to run and hide fastest as possible, if the witch doesn't see tha player for 3 seconds where she has last seen him, she will be back to patrolling the division. If the player gets caught by the witch is game over.

Hansel & Gretel Illustration
Image 3 - Hansel & Gretel Illustration.

To summarize, we will be developing this game for the next 3 months until we have a demo of 5 minutes of gameplay. We are a team of 3 people working on this project, hope you like it!
Besides the twist of the fairy tale, we will try to be as coherent as possible to the original story.

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