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We're glad to announce some serious stuff about our current project "AI: The Awakening". Everything you need to know about playtesting, current development states, the engine and pre-orders/crowdfunding!

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Hey everyone!

I know it has been a good while since our last post about the game but now we've finally some new content!

I'm glad to announce that we're about to actually hit production. That means that we'll now start to produce game trailers and more information about the story and our main character will leak slowly. But before we actually get into all that typical stuff I really want to thank everybody for the great support. We got nearly 100 yes votes on our item on Steam and that's way more than I personally ever expected at the point I started this project. Keep spreading this project, tell your family and friends about it to make this indie title a really special release!

Sadly I've also to announce that we got a few problems in our pre-production period (apart from the fact that those maps are huge and our story got really complex) which we have to solve before we're able to get into programming, modeling and all that other complex stuff (which I currently have to do the most of by myself alone in my little office in Europe).
Our main problem currently is the fact that our initial plan of using the Source Engine turns out to be either not working or too time intensive for us as Valve hasn't answered any of our mails yet (which is really sad because I think we could do great with this engine. I actually call it "developer's heaven"). Anyways we may need your help in terms of crowdfunding the development itself. But don't worry we're currently checking what is actually possible for us to do (especially the Europe laws are currently a big pain in the a**). More information on that part will be available as long as it's hot so everybody who's following us on Greenlight or Indie DB will get it directly after it becomes available to our team.

But apart from all that bad news we've something better for you: We're currently working on the playtester survey which will become available for everybody soon! So if you want to check out the game before pre-ordering (or crowdfunding) it you get a good chance to be part of the project in it's early stages.

Oh and one thing: All active playtesters who help us to fix problems in the game will get their part in the credits and both the chance to get selected for the Alpha/Beta-Tests of our second episode of the AI franchise and the chance to win the final version of AI: The Awakening. More information on that part will become available with our playtester survey site soon.

That's basically all for now. More information will (as already said multiple times) soon!
Stay awesome,

Johannes Donath,
Project Lead

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