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Switching to a new engine, new features that may be added, and other things!

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Hi everyone! Tabuu here after quite a while away! Time for another issue of Director's News!

I've been slowly but steadily moving Super Smash Bros. Feud over to the Unity engine, in case you didn't notice on the front page! So now that this announcement is out there both here and on Feud's Facebook page, there's good news and bad news because of this.

Bad news first: Super Smash Bros. Feud will be scrapped in its current RPG Maker VX form, except to use what I've done as a reference point. The programming language will change from Ruby Game Scripting System 3 to C#. A lot of what I learned in Java in college, as well as a habit or two I picked up in Ruby, is proving to come in handy here. It's more useful than I thought! So the game will all have to be redone from scratch using C# scripts. My apologies for the inconvenience... I am glad I did nothing major as far as gameplay goes, however.

Good news now: Feud will now be in actual 3D rather than pseudo 3D / 2.5D! This means fully-rendered and textured 3D assets, including character and stage models as well as 3D sound! Bump, normal and specular maps are also supported, and I finally figured out how to use the camera haha. Only drawback is I can't loop the soundtrack properly yet, and a few things I had in Ace will now have to be custom-coded in C#

BONUS! Using Unity will now allow me to include an extra mystery playable character I couldn't really use in VX Ace. Stay tuned.... ;)

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