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Basic Enemy Classes are done. Check out their mechanics.

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Basic Enemy Classes are done.

1. Infantry - These are the foot soldiers. Their basic goal is to reach the destination or your command center. Some of them are courageous, they stand up and fight back. And some of them flees for cover when fired upon. Also, their courage increases when they destroy your soldiers.

2. Mechanized Infantry - These are Infantry carrying armored vehicles. When they are fired upon the riders fire back. You can choose to kill the driver inspite of taking fire from other riders, because if the driver dies, the vehicle will be abandoned and the riders will have to follow on foot.

3. Armor - These are battle tanks, with varying degrees of devastation. Your ordinary infantry doesn’t have a chance against these beasts. They will not only kill your infantry but also destroy the tower position and you will not be able to use that position for deploying forces again.

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