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Going over what has been currently discussed among the team as of July 08th 2013

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As of today we have a few ideas that we would like to lay out for everyone that is following us currently. So enjoy, this will be done in bullet point format and of course are subject to change, we probably will be vague with some of the ideas that we are still working on.

• This will be an FPS.
We are wanting this to be an FPS, but we don't want it to revolve around just the action, but the story, and the atmosphere around it.

• The world of "Encod3d"
The universe this all happens in is far in to the future, where a super company have taken ahold of much of the galaxies resources. In this incarnation of the universe, you will get a taste of what will come in future games, or perhaps just updates on what has been started.

• Hopes for the future.
As of today we are hoping to go full multiplayer down the road. We don't wanna spoil the ideas right away, but i can tell you it'll be abit more complex then a straight up deathmatch.

• Dates for updates as they come.
As of now, we have just the base for the game that is in progress, and with all of the devs current living situations updates will be unfortunately delayed sometimes. But we will promise that when we do updates, they will be more then noticeable.

• Who is the development team?
Currently there is simply two of us working off of donations we have been given from the Unity community, we really do like feedback, and are highly active so if you ever wish to get in contact with us, a message, and ( at most ) 24 hours, and you'll hear back from us.

• What is being worked on at this moment?
Other then map design we are also working on combat scripts for the game. Maybe in the next few days you'll be able to see them.

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