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Watch the new trailer. Grapple, throw, and gib your fellow undead and navigate with masterful speed as you smash towards whatever sent you to the depths of the afterlife.

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Revealing, after over two years of iteration, the reimagined ENCHAIN!

A free demo will be available on PC via Steam this October 2020.

Enchain started out as a simple game jam entry about grappling and throwing colored, low-poly skulls. Now, the game offers significantly more depth and polish along with an interconnected world and action combo gameplay. From its inception, I had always made the game out of love for Quake and Doom. You can see this in the enemy designs, atmosphere, gameplay, and sounds.

However, as I worked on the game over time, I kept thinking of new mechanics that I wanted to explore with Enchain. The project would go through many changes as I got into Dark Souls, played through Super Metroid, and tried a few character action games. Consider this fresh, reimagined ENCHAIN as its own new game. I hope all the original fans will enjoy what the demo will have in store this October.

In the demo, you can expect a sneak peek of what will be at the core of the final game: exploration, combat, and experimentation. Not everything in the game will be explained to you; I want players to find out advanced techniques on their own. The demo will be a huge deal for me to work out the balance and flow of this design style up until the full release planned for 2021.

So, while I finish the demo build over the next month, please help me out by wishlisting and sharing this news with your friends!

Thanks for reading, I can't wait for you all to play the demo soon.

Join me on Discord: discord.gg/6AkrEZj

Follow progress on Twitter: twitter.com/mattlawrdev

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