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In order to give the proper grim feeling, to mirror reality in its lowest and darkest abysses, we wanted to design a cast of character properly designed. No Prince Valiants on their white horses, but corrupted and unpleasant mediocre officers and men, pleased to deal with you as much as you will be to deal with them, that is, not really much.

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Their biographies will be disclosed soon on our website, but we think that without spoiling their true stories we can already introduce them, and to do so, we begin with the main character, the one that the player will impersonate: Sgt. Hans Heimer of the Koth Army.


Sgt. Hans Heimer
: Unfriendly, negative and unruly, with a bad breath and a worse attitude. A hard to control thirst for bad brandy and cheap cigars (yes, the game is quasi-realistic but in this settings tobacco existed in medieval times). The whole current assignment is just another of the endless pushiments the sergeant has been inflicted. Does now come the part "he is a total anti-hero but he gets the job done"? No, he really his just a bad person with no skills for diplomacy and compromise.


Corporal Frederick Turg :
There is a Turg in every group, society or army. He might not be the sharpest tool in the shed but he is a nice guy, reliable and obedient. That makes him the perfect bullying target for awful people like for example, well, for example like Sgt. Hans Heimer.


Scout Sergeant Matthias Vunstenberg: The chief in charge for scouts and secret police is quite skilled at his job, but full of himself, barefaced and nasty. Exactly the perfect person to assign to someone like Sgt. Heimer. If him being assigned to this unglorious mission has been random or thought about, it's not yet given to know...


Engineer Chief. Gottfried Megler:
An average engineer but extremely skilled in the art of provoking people, Megler is possibly even more unpleasant than Vunstenberg. He is anyway, no matter what,a vital asset as in charge of the engineers and research. I.e. if you wanna have a chance, try not to kill this unpleasant bastard when you talk to him and your towers and troops will definitely benefit from that.

Sergeant Heimer is an illustration by Giacomo Marzona (color tuning and insignias by Konrad Langa)
Turg, Vunstenberg and Megler are illustration by Konrad Langa

I guess....well, I guess for now that's all! Cheers guys!
Emiliano, H&R

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The Art Design is great ^^

Im sure that with such a team, nothing will stop Hans :)

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DrHogan Author

Eheh thanks Angel! Well, the one thing that could stop him is the team itself :D

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