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Officially opened on the development of the game "EMPEROR - Trilogy"

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Officially opened on the development of the game "EMPEROR - Trilogy"

The game is created with the original view of the network component, with 8-16 players participating in one session games.
The available sides of the conflict:

- Humans.
Came under attack during a charity mission, launched GCE, and, finally, completely lost their nuclear weapons.

- Great Cat Empire.
Who found reason cats are initially created by people who are completely independent, and united in a vast empire. Have the technology to thousands of years ahead of scientific and technological progress of the human race. Their empire regularly colonize new planets, and the population of GCE is approximately equal to one trillion cats.

- Intergalactic Republic of Krutz.
It is headed by Catherine dugout Krutz, became, in the course of the research program, bionic robot. With huge psionic abilities, and being able to interact with very lowest levels of matter, she implicitly subjugates all who gets in her way. Troops of the Republic - a myriad of different robots. Residents of the Republic - all the race, the leaders of which she managed to subdue. Republic of Krutz fear and hate all races. Enriches our Republic, Krutz by pirate attacks on merchant ships of other races, for which he earned the worst reputation of all possible.

- Darkness souls. At the head of Darkness souls is arhidemon Aliparniunert, once tried to stage a rebellion in Hell, to overthrow Satan. For this, he was imprisoned in one of the most inaccessible worlds - Uklaragloom. However, he occasionally left his world, and enslaved people, taking their souls, and turning into monsters. Of these many years he collected an army to wage war against all.

- The forces of Hell. The devil has long awaited the moment when it will be possible to inflict a decisive blow. With him all the demons of Hell, and all the sins of men. Do not hesitate in their abilities, he also engages in battle.

- The Supreme Intergalactic Council. It is composed of many races living in the Milky Way, and races from other galaxies. They can not decide whose side to take, and what to do with the Earth, which has become a field of such a fierce battle. Some races offer to destroy the planet, while others believe that people need to survive. They can not take one solution, and each is for himself.

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