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Announcing the newly added Steam Community Items for Mythlink

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New Steam update! This time around it's not about game content though, instead it's time to take some steps to integrate all of the neat features Steam has into Mythlink! If you read the release blog, you may have noticed that one of the "Level 1 Priority" adjustments was to add "Steam Achievements & Community Items". Well, half of that is done and Steam community items are now available for Mythlink!

What are Steam community items? Steam community items are a collection of, well, items that you can get for playing games on Steam. Mostly they are granted automatically based on playtime of the game. They include things like trading cards which can be exchanged on a marketplace, or things that can be used on your account like badges, wallpapers, and emoticons! You get the idea, so now let's dive in and see what these items look like for Mythlink.

Trading Cards

There is one trading card for each of the training exercises. Here I'll only show a preview of the cards. Unlock them on Steam to view the full images and even a bit of lore!








Badge come as steadily more valuable variations of the Mythlink icon. Each one also comes with a rockin' title, but you'll have to obtain them to see what those are! There is also a foil badge, but that is also staying hidden for you to explore and unlock.

Level 1 Badge 1

Level 2 Badge

Level 3 Badge

Level 4 Badge

Level 5 Badge


Real simple, just a quick image of each of the current Mythlinks.





These are pretty fun, some 8 bit representations of things found across the game. I think the Mythlink ones are the most fun (but I also made them the most rare!)






That's all for this month. I might put a bow on this backlog item by adding achievements for next month...we'll see. Have a good one!

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