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What is this mod? Who is the developer? What does this mod have to offer? A little information on the background of Emily's Lullaby.

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About The Developer:

Hey, my name's Devan Taylor, or as I am more known online, DevanMist. I am a graphic design artist by trade and a music producer by hobby, and an ex sponsored skateboarder of nine years. I am 19 years old and for as long as I can remember, I've been very interested in the world of video games. I didn't just play video games as a kid, I tried to find all of the little bugs that I could, I always wanted to understand exactly how the games were made. For high school I attended the Media Arts and Communications Academy were my love for gaming grew as I got into many online games like Minecraft and League of Legends, and learned a bit of the world of coding. As I started playing more and more games I started to realize that the games that had the biggest impact on me were horror games. Amnesia stuck out in particular as the best horror game I've ever played from many perspectives. The game featured a great story, good graphics, developed characters, and it didn't rely on cheesy jump scares. After I finished the main game, I quickly started downloading and playing the custom stories made by indie developers that I found here on indie db. The more I played these custom stories the more I started to understand exactly how the different objects and entities behaved, and started thinking of ways that the developer could have implemented different things into different circumstances to make their story better. Eventually I decided that it was time that I look into making my own custom story. With a quick search on Google I found many tutorials on how to use the HPL2 engine and how to code the script files, language files, etc for the game and started working right away.

About The Mod:

Emily's Lullaby is my first dive into the world of Amnesia custom stories. Because it's my first custom story, I want to make sure I spend a lot of time on it, making it as creative and terrifying as possible so I can start my new hobby off with a bang. Thanks to people like MrMudBill, I quickly learned enough of the scripting process to start creating my own unique puzzles and interactions.

In Emily's Lullaby you play as a character, Benjamin, who has woken up in an unfamiliar place. Next to the bed he was sleeping in he finds a note from a person he's never met before, Ezekiel. You must traverse your way through Ezekiel's mansion to find your daughter, Emily, and wife, Katherine, and find out why he brought you to the mansion, along the way discovering Ezekiel's gruesome work and the mansion's dark secrets.


Emily's Lullaby will feature many unique puzzles and interactions such as objects moving behind your back, pressure pads, hidden items, chase scenes, atmospheric ambiance, custom audio files, and a lot of back story to the people that used to live in the mansion, as well as many more things to be added.

Release Date:

I currently do not have a release date set for this mod because I simply don't know when it will be finished. I have been working on the mod for about 5-6 days at the time of this news update and I will continue to work on it every day until its completion. Once I have the mod finished it will be sent off to play testers to help me find any last changes that need to be made before I release it to the public.

If you're interested in the mod, make sure you check back often as I am constantly posting more and more work in progress screen shots from within the game and the level editor. If you are interested in helping me work on the mod, I am open to help from anyone with good ideas, anyone that is interested in doing voice acting, and anyone that is interested in doing custom art. Anyone that helps out with the mod will get their name and links to their sites int he end credits. I appreciate feedback from anyone, so if you have something to say about the mod leave a comment!


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Cool already tracking this.

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