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Saving Earth is a game, not a competition. But we humans tend to love being first in almost everything. Why not? Being careful that being first is not an obsession, we can compete, even when the competition is cleaning the Earth. With the help of a little Dragon: Elva.

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Cleaning Earth, a work for the entire world

This is a new entry about “Elva the Eco Dragon” where we’ll talk about two different elements of the game: Steam Leaderboards and toxic waste.

Cleaning is a hard work for Elva. She came from another galaxy to help humanity, but it seems that humanity doesn’t want to help itself. So maybe you can do something to solve this. Even better, maybe you can be one of the leaders helping Elva.

Steam Leaderboards

Are you the best recycler of the world? Steam LeaderBoards allow players to see their progress and how they're doing with respect other players. This is not a game to compete against other, but to discover the best recyclers and caretakers of the planet. And for that, Leaderboards are an excellent tool.

Elva The Eco Dragon 02_05_2020 11_12_45

Steam Leaderboards are what they mean: a table with people working hard to get the best positions. In “Elva the Eco Dragon” the leaderboards are:

Elva The Eco Dragon 02_05_2020 11_15_08

That turtle is not worried while throws debris to this beautiful mountain…

  • Ecopoints Leaderboard.

Those who win more ecopoints will be reflected here. People that work cleaning the planet from all kind of debris. And remember, floating debris are more difficult to touch, but they give quite more points!

  • Paper bags Leaderboard.

Converting plastics into paper is much more than using one material over another; is saving the oceans and the forests avoiding being destroyed by a material that is very dangerous to the ecosystems. Maybe you can transform all the plastic bags into paper bags and be a hero…

  • Treepoints Leadeboard.

Are you the best planting forests? If so, you’ll be one of the heroes here. Remember: every new tree adds much more than oxygen to the planet. Shadows, a better ecosystem, refugee for birds, and many, many more things.

Elva The Eco Dragon 02_05_2020 11_16_53

A city full of debris and garbage. Elva has a lot of work.

  • Virus and bacteria Leaderboard.

Cleaning is not only recycling, but having all the areas of home and other places free of virus and bacteria. Show that you can clean any area and convert it in a safe place for every one.

Toxic waste.

One of the most important moments of the game while recovering debris and recycling is when a toxic waste appears. You’ll have plenty of information to detect it:

  • Captain Cat will inform you and will run to the toxic waste. Follow him.
  • The toxic waste has a distinctive white smoke.
  • The toxic waste also has an alarm above that you’ll hear when near.
  • While the toxic waste is there you’ll lose Ecopoints, so be fast!

In this video you can see how Elva collects and recycles some debris, when a new toxic waste appears. Being fast is important. Points are being lost. And recycle them gives a lot of points. Are you ready to clean the planet?

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