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Post news RSS Echo #29: Bad news

Things change creepily quickly! In this echo I'm writing about recent real life changes that will effect Sector Six development in one way or another.

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Bad news!

Due to bad financial situation of my family, I might have to get a job.
For few months or longer.
That means like two hours of Sector Six development per day max, which will postpone beta, Greenlight and basically everything.

‚ÄčTheoretically I could start IndieGoGo campaign and push job away for few months.
If I could get few months, I could prepare Sector Six for commercial releases.
And with game being sold, maybe I would be able to avoid job.
But I hate having to beg people for money, especially because I know my campaign would suck.

So, if I'll get a job, I'll try to develop on my free time and start selling game as soon as possible.
If I won't, I'll start IndieGoGo campaign and hope for the best.

Continuing with bad news!

I quit school. Well, it's actually good news, more time for everything.
Except that now I might have to go to army, which would postpone Sector Six completely for like 9 months. Becoming a trained guy before world war 3.0 is not awesome either.

Also, I'm still not done with the boss.
Because I had to fix my computer again, because boss had nasty glitch I couldn't fix for some time, because making boss guardians takes so much time, because abilities for boss and guardians had to be remade several times, because...

I know this sounds pretty bad. Especially after all those echoes saying that everything is going great.
Things change creepily quickly.

Anyway, armoured colony seeker is going to be best boss I have ever made.
And that means it's going to be pretty good!

This week I spent a lot of time working on second boss guardian, gatherer.
Gatherer is pretty interesting enemy, it has a lot of armour, but most of it can be chipped away by destroying segments.

So, uh, until next week, maybe I'll have better news next time!



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