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We're back :) With big update. Make sure you check it out! :)

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Status Update

After more than a year of deliberation, work, sweat, toil and tears, the Omega Team is proud to finally bring you a sneak peek at the new materials and progress that we've pain-stakingly put together over the course of this year.

If you didn't know already, Earth Defense is a continuation to the FreeSpace storyline - It throws you into a huge war between two huge political powers, the GTVA and the rogue VRC. As the war goes on, the Terrans create a large device in Delta Serpentis to reunite with its isolated homeworld in Sol - But get a very different reunion.

On the IRL front, we've got a new website up, which you should pay a visit to if you're interested - Click here.

And, as a special Christmas treat, we've also thrown in a teaser trailer just for good measure - teaser address here

The FREDding, or mission/map making part of the mod has progressed a fair bit in the past few months. We've been able to put down a lot of high-quality campaign things which should have you gripped at the end of your seat... But we're not done just quite yet, so I'm afraid you'll have to wait a bit before that.

The modding scene of Earth Defense has actually gone far more smoothly than any of us anticipated. Plenty of new ship models have been converted and are ready for in-game use, and more are on the way. Though our modpack is not yet fully complete, we think that the quality of our material is more than worth the effort that our people put into it.

Here are a few of our showpiece mods:

The GTC Atlantis cruiser. You'll be glad she's on your team, because when you get on her bad side, there's not much time to regret your error.

The Barbados corvette. This one mounts a unique new weapon which you might be lucky enough to see in action pretty soon.

The Achilles fighter. Fun to fly and still capable of kicking some bad-guy ass, this little wonder is the ship you'll be flying for the majority of the first Chapter.

Here are a few other mods that we've taken (with permission) from other authors:

The Vasudan Nekhbet corvette is the ultimate heavy corvette. Thanks goes to StratComm for this one, though we converted it ourselves.

The Ezechiel. Fast and furious firepower. Thanks goes to Venom.

The Pharoah - A Vasudan destroyer that you'll probably want to get away from pretty fast! Thanks for the original model goes to StratComm. Converted by our own team.

The beautiful and deadly Raynor destroyer. All thanks goes to StratComm once again.

Eyecandy. Planets you'll see floating around.

Anyhow, if you're interested, don't forget to check the website, our gallery and the teaser trailer. Have a happy Christmas!

mr_peters - - 136 comments

Looks a bit like Homeworld, loving it :D

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shiv_pl Author
shiv_pl - - 21 comments

Well, Homeworld has diffrences in many aspects compared to the Earth Defense or FreeSpace 1/2. The biggest diffrence is that ED is space-simulator and Homeworld is space strategy game. But you'll also see many similarities. There will be small fighters and giant-size capital ships... And big galaxy to see and explore :)

Thanks for positive comment!

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Robots! - - 1,751 comments

whens the release looking like?

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TheGeekWithTheGun - - 129 comments

when its done maybe??

btw this is looking quite nice!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Shadowvwem - - 39 comments

so this is a seperate game?

btw it looks fantastic, reminds me of Freelancer :D

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shiv_pl Author
shiv_pl - - 21 comments

It's going to be similar to the Freelancer in many aspects. But you'll find this game much player-friendly than any space sim before. I don't want to give you any release dats because they're always delayed - all of us know that. While waiting for first Act of Earth Defense I suggest playing FreeSpace 1 and FreeSpace 2 games to get familiar with FreeSpace universe where Earth Defense is happening.

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CSargeP - - 112 comments

I love me some space sims. Looks great!

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